About Us

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy in diabetes education is firmly rooted in the belief that partnership is crucial for success in diabetes treatment. Hence our motto; “Hand-in-hand we think and take steps together”.

As medical care providers specializing in diabetes treatment, we bear in mind that we must impart accurate information on the disease and treatment options but also provide support to the patient so that the patient himself is able to take control, think about how he can best manage his condition and adapt his lifestyle toward realization of his goals.
To us, diabetes education is a process through which we think and take steps together with the patient, being mindful of the psychological effect that diabetes may have on the patient and the personal background unique to the patient.

It is a process in which the patient, the family and the medical professionals all learn and grow together, and help and inspire one another.

We at the Education Center of Kenichi Yamada Internal Medicine Clinic wish to continuously search for ways to bridge the gap between diabetes education theory and real-world implementation.

Basic Information

Laboratory Name Education Center of Kenichi Yamada Internal Medicine Clinic
Director Kenichi Yamada
Address 13-1, Nakasanno, Sanno, Tagajo, Miyagi Prefecture 985–0852
Phone 81-22-368-1500
Fax 81-22-368-2217
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